your digital files

Q)  Can I buy the digital files from my session?

A)  Absolutely! We offer individually edited files with full printing rights for $50 each with a $250 minimum print order. All the final edited digital images from your session are available for $400 (again, after $250 print order.) You’re free to take these files and use them for prints or other photo products, posting on a website, or for personal use. The print release is specific to the person(s) purchasing the digital files only, and can’t be duplicated for other people to use. The copyright, however, always stays with the photographer – us!  Federal law ensures that we retain the copyright on all the images we create and we don’t sell this copyright to anyone. This means that, with your digital file purchase and print release, you can’t make significant changes to the images (cropping and resizing are ok but image editing is what you hired us for!) or sell the images.

Q)  Can I just scan my proofs? Even if I leave the watermark on there? How about the prints I purchase?

A)  No, no and, hmmm… no.   Any duplication of your images without a print release is a violation of copyright law. We include for no charge all of your favorite session images in a low-resolution, watermarked format so that you can post these lovelies to your Facebook page, personal website or email them to friends.  These low-resolution images are specifically formatted to be viewed on screen and are not to be printed. Not only will they look weird, but doing so violates federal law – and that’s serious stuff!  We give you these images so that you’re not tempted to break the law and scan – plus, we want to make certain you’ll look your best online too (and we optimize each image so that you do!)

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